Youthology reviews -Evaluation of Youthology skin treatment line

by on January 19, 2009

Youthology is a skin care brand selling products designed to improve the condition of the skin. As other companies that sell similar treatments, Youthology is said to bring about considerable effects, helping buyers to look younger without having to undergo plastic surgery operations. A great personality presented on their website is Doctor Jeffery Gunter.  Youthology has created so far five distinct skin products, including a Repairing Mask rich in Collagen, Radiance Mask, 90 Seconds Lip Line Smoother and Daytime and Nighttime nourishers. There are lots of testimonials on the brand’s website, where buyers describe the effects of these successful products.

The company deals with dark circles formed under the eyes, the exfoliation of dead skin, deep wrinkles caused by the process of aging and face puffiness and dryness. The Youthology products consist of Collagen (revitalizes the levels of Collagen) and a combination of some special herbals which nourish the skin and have anti-aging effects.  Actually, these kinds of products claim to drastically reduce the problems caused by aging and fight against wrinkles, making your face look radiant and young. Moreover, all the skin care treatments Youthology sells can be bought online, even though the shipping is 10$ for every product ordered. Also, there are some clips on the web site that show before and after images of the people that used them, in order to have a general impression about the products. However, there is nothing said about a guarantee in case you want the money back or regarding your satisfaction about the skin care products.

Specific aspects of Youthology skin care line:
The main target of Youthology Company is to provide products for aging problems such as dark spots under the eye circles, face wrinkles, laughing lines, loss of collagen, damage of the sun and also facial puffiness. The ingredients used in the preparation of these skin treatments are “The Proprietary Herbal Complex” as well as Collagen. Although these products seem to appeal more to women in their middle ages, they may also be used by men. The website can be read in either English or Spanish but unfortunately there are no free samples provided.


All products of this skin care line contain Collagen, known to make the face look younger. Similarly, one can buy them online and actually see the changes these products bring by watching the clips from the official website.


The negative part is that there are no samples offered, the shipping cost is relatively high and no guarantee regarding the satisfaction of customers after buying the products is provided.  What is more, the actual list of what the treatments are made of is missing and we haven’t found anything about the medical research on the products at their website address.


To conclude, as any other skin care companies, Youthology claims to reduce considerably the number of wrinkles and provide anti-aging treatments. The stories presented on Youthology website clearly show the benefic impact of these products on the skin of some users. Unfortunately, because there is not enough clinical evidence and there is no guarantee in case you want the money back, it is difficult to assess whether these skin care treatments are as effective as they claim to be. One piece of advice would be to ask the dermatologists before you use them.

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