The review for Hydroderm – Hydroderm wrinkle care products reviews

by on January 26, 2009

The hydroderm product is known as being extremely effective in treating skin care problems; it represents a good alternative to the botox and it has a loyal fanbase of people who have already tried the product and succeeded in getting good results.

Based on collagen replenishing technology , the product claims you can obtain good result by using this cream long term; you can replenish the collagen making the thin lines and the wrinkles all fade away with the help of the cream.

This product, known as the Hydroderm claims to have lots of  loyal customers. Ever since the product was introduced into the market in 2003, the fanbase created then has continued to enlarge itself and now, the product is known as being the clear alternative for people who don’t want to use the Botox to treat the skin problems they are having.

If you do apply the hydroderm on a regular basis, the results should come after about three weeks of application of the product on the face and by then you must be observing an improvement on the skin elasticity. But, if you don’t see any significant improvements even after like a month, then definitely this product is not for you.

It is important to bear in mind that since its inception, the hydroderm company has increased the area of its products . The Hydroderm skin care line of products is now also manufacturing exfoliants, skin firmers, moisturizers and under eye serums.

The idea behind collagen replenishing creams is quite popular. Read more on collagen creams and wrinkle cream we recommend here.
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Hydroderm wrinkle cream ingredients

The ingredients inside the Hydroderm make it more efficient towards ensuring that customers can get their collagen intake artificially, that is by applying the cream to their face. The company’s website even states that their cream include ingredients that come from natural sources. The collagen replenisher together with the Vyo serum is supposed to work well on your skin.

Some other ingredients included in the Hydroderm are the following :  Cephene, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Synasol, Distilled water,Propylparaben,  Purified water,midezolidinyl Urea,  Ethylparaben,  Sodium Methylparaben,  Citric Acid, ITrisodium EDTA, Ascorbic Acid and the potassium sorbate.

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The ingredients cater to all different kinds of skin.

You get to have a trial period of thirty days in which you can test the product.

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The disadvantages would include the facts that there are no research studies or papers asserting the efficiency of the product

There are not much reliable reviews available on the Internet.

Hydroderm contains some traces of parabens, the artificial preservatives, which means that the skin might get irritated and that you might evolve dermatitis on the skin, if you are a person with more sensitive skin. You should use the hydroderm for three weeks if you want to obtain any results.

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Does Hydroderm work – Do we recommend it

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