Olay Total Effects – anti-aging anti wrinkle products from Olay

by on January 19, 2009

The Olay Total effects products are a popular customer choice among women. The olay total effects line of products represents one of the most recent additions to the olay arena of products for women who are willing to reduce the wrinkle effects and look younger. The total effects from Olay actually has many customers with satisfaction.

For one thing, the Total effects arena from Olay is said to be one of the best in the treatment for women with aging skin. The seven areas that are usually targeted when speaking about aging tones and the appearance of wrinkles on one’s face are the refinement of the pores, protection against the free  radicals, skin tones, reduction of the wrinkles, the nourishment and re-nourishment of the skin, the appearance of firm skin and the fact that aging can be processed to be hidden with the necessary products and treatments. You will thus get younger skin and your skin cells will last longer against the fact of aging.

On the company’s website, you will be able to find the ingredients that are contained in the olay products. The total effects contains the glycerin, the dimethicone, the zinc oxide, the niacinamide, the camellia oleiferalaeaf extract, vitamin E as well as the vitamin B 5 which a a pro active ingredient in the product. It should be also mentioned that glycerin is capable for pulling the moisturizer ingredient out of the air and enable the product to be spread evenly on the face. Moreover, the niacinimide is actually a combination of vitamin B3, the nicotonic acid as well as niacin. The studies have shown that the product is effective in making your skin moisturized and smoother and the fact that it can also make the skin come to life, by increasing the blood circulation through it.  The product can, as a result, reduce the wrinkles, prevent redness from showing on your face, reducing the effects of age spots and also providing the skin the required component for rigidity called elastin. The dimethicone ingredient is also another much needed ingredient because it can be used to reduce scars on the face and also, make your skin look lighter and thus, younger. The camellia oleifera ingredient is another ingredient that has a lot of potential in treating with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties your skin. It also contains properties that prevent the skin from being prone to cancer. One more thing, the vitamin B 5 helps overshadow the showing of the acne scars and it is also capable in reducing the effect on acne on the face.

The good things about the total effects products are that you can try samples of the products and also, you can receive coupons.  The company is well-known and has a good reputation among skincare manufacturers and also, the products do not contain any oils in them.

The disadvantages with the products would be that the products serve well in moisturizing the skin but they are not that good in reducing the wrinkle effect. Also, the olay products are only recommended to be used in certain conditions, because otherwise they won’t show any actual results. The products do not contain the necessary peptides to feed the skin.

As a conclusion, one could say that the olay products are reliable and that you can regard the company as being one deserving of your trust and money. They have come up, most recently, with new lines while they have also released new products into the market. Therefore, for those interested, you might give a try to the olay products.  For one thing though, the olay products are more oriented towards women who are middle aged instead of being oriented towards all other ages of women. The products can moisturize the skin extremely well and they can also make it appear naturally on the skin, but on the other hand, if you moisturize your skin, then you might suffer some side effect from this tendency. The moisturizers might be the essential products to treat wrinkles with, but the treatment doesn’t stop there and therefore, women are advised to use more than a moisturizer for the skin to be treated.

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