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by on January 19, 2009

The Olay regenerist represents a new product in  Olay family from the skin care treatment company. The Olay can be bought in a number of drug stores but online as well as through brick and mortar  shops that are located in different places. The olay line contains a lot of products, out of which we could mention the following -

intervention treatment – 14 day skin intervention

the serum for daily regeneration – Daily regenerating serum

the filling regenerist – Regenerist Filling + Sealing Wrinkle Treatment

the mini peel for daily useDaily Thermal Mini-Peel

the treatment for thermal contourThermal Contour and Lift At Home Treatment

and the serum for eye liftingEye Lifting Serum

Product information for use – The olay treatment for fourteen days in the case of skin intervention signifies a process in two phase, and each of those will last for one week. During this time, the skin will be able to regain its firmness and also a reinvigorating look because the program is actually capable enough of obtaining the results. You might want to use the regenerating serum with amino peptides as well as the wrinkle treatment which will help penetrate the surface of the skin and immediately decrease the risk to seal the moisturizer in order to produce the desired effect.

You will notice that your wrinkles will not be seen that much and that with the help of the moisturizer, the effects will last for a long while. Moreover, you can obtain the mini peel which ensures that you will lift the skin as well. The treatment thus, consists of moisture, natural production of the needed collagen and lifting of the skin. The product was used in the case of thermal facelifts. The serum for eye lifting was created in order to smooth and to make the eye brighter and there is a high containment in the amino peptides. The treatment contains the whole diversity of olay regenerist products and there are a lot of products included in the diversity. The olay products that are included in the brand are all of high quality and from more that twenty products in  display, you can certainly find something that will suit you.

The Olay regenerist area of products can be found everywhere and are not that expensive. They  are also created by a manufacturer with good reputation, therefore you might not be taking big risks while buying these products. You can pick from more than twenty products, dealing with wrinkles or moisturizing face. The disadvantages in the olay regenerist products is that because their ingredients are so widely available in other products as well, the olay products might not always be that good and they might not even give you the results you were expecting. Also, they might not have powerful ingredients included in them and therefore, you might end up not liking what you bought originally. Other thing to take into account is that the olay regenerist products don’t come with online testimonials or some form of feedback received on the products so you are left without knowing what the products are actually good in doing. Moreover, you might have surprises when buying a product that fights wrinkles because the olay is usually a specialist in moisturizers and not in wrinkles.

For a conclusion, you need to carefully measure the things and then make a choice. The olay products are not that expensive and they offer good quality considering the price. However, the products do not come with feedback and they don’t contain powerful active ingredients to make the products even more effective. One more thing would be that they do not offer the option to get the money back for the products, even though many of the stores actually accept returns to the locations. For one thing, it would might a better idea to use the products that contain a series of active ingredients, such as the regenerist products with amino acids instead of simply buying the olay products and not being happy with them.

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