Olay Definity Review – Outline of Olay Definity skin care products

by on January 21, 2009

Olay Definity is one of the products sold by the distinguished  Oil of Olay company. Since this line is actually the latest product with anti-aging effects created by the brand, we will try to analyze these products to see if  they are efficient or not.

Information about the products:

At the moment, there seem to be fifteen products included in this skin care line. These are the Intense Hydrating Cream, Definity Color Anti-Aging with UV Moisturizer and  Sheer Illuminating Coverage, 2 kinds of Olay  Deep Penetrating Foaming , the  Olay Definity  Penetrating Foaming with UV Moisturizer, the  Protective Lotion with SPS fifteen,  two creams for night – Olay Definity Night  Treatment against spots and Restorative Sleep , Olay Definity Cream Cleanser, Olay Pore Redefining Scrub, the Olay Definity Eye Treatment,  the Olay  Penetrating Mousse Cleanser, Moisturizer and Olay Self Repair Serum.

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Still, of all the products previously mentioned, Color Recapture with Sheer Illuminating Coverage is thought to be the latest creation of the skin care brand. This treatment seems not only to stop the formation of wrinkles but also reduce facial spots caused by aging. It is thought to provide a hint of color that brings about rapid results while liberating the compounds that are believed to bring significant results in the long run. At the moment, this Color Recapture Moisturizer can be found in three distinct shades to bring the maximum effects for all tones of the skin.

In case you want to take a look at the entire list of ingredients you can access their official website and see exactly what the product consists of.  Since this list is quite ample, we will just enumerate the factors that are listed to be active – 3% Octisalate solution and 3% Octocrylene, both of them being used as sun blocks. Other ingredients may be considered 2 percent on Avobenzone compound and Dimethicone which is said to be a treatment for scars, but up to this moment no actual evidence was found.

One of the good things is that the company offers samples free of charge and coupons which may be a good way to get a general impression about this line of products. What is more, it seems that the anti-aging product is a great moisturizer and helps nourishing the skin and reducing the number of wrinkles. The company also provides a beauty specialist online if buyers have any questions about what type of products to use for their skin.

Although it is considered  that this has anti-aging effects, the best results can only be achieved if this product is used along with other Oil of Olay treatments. Also, we did not find any medical approved ingredients on the website and those which are listed in its composition make us believe that Color Recapture Moisturizer is a product for make up that just hides the existing wrinkles actually and does not fight against them as it claims.


Although Oil of Olay company is one of the well known brands in this field, it appears that the products designed to fight against wrinkles do not have any special ingredients. Whereas it is regarded as a unique combination since it offers rapid results together with something that is good for long term effects, it does not help too much if there is not enough evidence about how effective it is. Furthermore, this product contains too much “sunblock”.  This would not be considered a problem if the company sold sunscreens, but there is not enough proof for the ingredients responsible for reducing wrinkles contained in these kinds of products. Before purchasing the product, women should look for actual proof about the efficiency of this product to see whether it is worth buying or not.

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