Make your own home remedy zit cream

by on March 3, 2009

Obviously, no one wants to wake up with a zit. Zit is a painful and obnoxious skin defect that always catches you unawares. A skin blemish can always give you a bad day, especially on special occasions such as a picture day or a big date.

You do not have to go through the pain of having repulsive blemishes or picking at them, because it can lead to scars on your skin. What you need to do is to use a home remedy zit cream that is powerful and inexpensive.

These creams can be quite costly if you buy them at your local drug store or department store. You don’t want to spend so much on these fancy packaging since you can make your own home remedy zit cream.

You should make sure your meals are well balanced, drink plenty of water, undertake body exercise and have sufficient sleep at night. Having a healthy body is a good protection against the development of pimples and constant breakdown.

Check out this Home Remedy Treatment

To begin making your home remedy for zit and pimples check out this items which can be found in your kitchen and in your refrigerator. Rub crushed garlic on erupted pimples. You can also control pimples by mixing a teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of ground cinnamon and applying to the pimples.  This will make the pimples shrink.

Many home made remedies are available for the reduction and prevention of skin blemishes. You need to take proper care for your skin to ensure that aging does not bring about unpleasant scars and disorderly skin.

These are affordable remedies which will not cost you much, and can answer you wonderful skin which will allow you to enjoy your daily activities and special occasions.

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