by on October 14, 2008

Life cell wrinkle cream is getting popular day by day as an alternative to ATHENA. Many consumers using Athena 7 minute lift have begun using LifeCell skin treatment.

I) because it reduces wrinkles immediately. (anti-wrinkle effect) fast in 60 seconds.

II) With 3D nanoprism it reflects light and provides antioxidants to protect skin cells from aging (anti aging effect)

Successful Trial Results : A cousin of mine having crow’s feet (lines beside and under her eyes and had a rugged & weathered skin) decided to make a trial of this cream. She got lifecell cream in a tube with a brochure promising immediate results in 60 seconds by putting the cream with finger without a concealer brush. She put the cream on her half face and just after 60 seconds was surprised to see in a mirror the magical effects of the cream. She found that 75 to 80% of wrinkles besides her eyes and cheeks were reduced on the diagonal slope.

She was delighted to see that half of the face with cream looked more youthful, smooth and shining than the side without cream which looked patchy and unattractive. In her excitement of success she invited me to test the cream as well. We were delighted to see that it worked for both of us , our skin looked young and flawless and nearly 80% of forehead lines were decreased with reduction in wrinkles & smoothening of facial skin. I highly recommend this product.

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