Kinetin Skin Care Review: Almay Kinetin Eye Cream

by on March 8, 2009

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It is very exciting to come across a new skin care ingredient, and it becomes even more exciting when you come across a very effective one. An example of such ingredient is kinetin. Look out for your next dose of kinetin.

You will soon get in love with kinetin creams if your skin is a dry and rough one. Kinerase Cream, for example, is applicable to all kinds of skins, from the most sensitive to the toughest. They are not only good for healing but are also for moisturising due to their anti-inflammatory and non-exfoliating properties. The antioxidant properties of kinetin improve photo-aging signals such as pigmented blotches and fine lines together with wrinkles and dehydration, which are signs of premature aging. Creams containing SPF 15 by Kinerase provides added protection to the skin against UVA and UVB sun rays.

Editor’s note on KineraseKinerase is the skin care regimen with the highest strength of kinetin which is proven to improve the appearance of skin aging with little or no irritation. When used daily, it helps you regain a more vibrant complexion by improving the visible signs of fine lines, blotchy skin, freckles, and wrinkles without the use of surgical facial treatments. Kinerase uses kinetin, a nature identical cytokinin found in plants that helps visibly improve the appearance of the effects of the aging process and sun damaged skin. Improve the visible appearance of age related fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmenation, sun damage, freckles, and unevenly colored skin. Use daily and your skin will look healthier and firmer! Checkout highest quality Kinerase (Kinetin) skin care products NOW!kinetinkinerase

A kinetin serum can give a better kinetin punch than a kinetin cream. Serums go deep down the skin layer to restore lost moisture and necessary nutrients. C-6 Peptide Intensive Treatment by Kinerase provides a mixture of antioxidants including anti-aging ingredients of kinetin. Kinetin has been proven to shield the skin from damage from the sun and other free radicals. Serums can be applied in the mornings by rubbing thoroughly into the skin, to help achieve the best results.

The purpose of all toners is to rehydrate dehydrated skin cell, but kinetin mists achieve better results than all the others.   Hydrating Antioxidant Mist by Kinerase adds the relaxing, cooling properties of aloe vera and the antioxidant power of white tea extracts, and improves hyaluronic acid activity.  Mists can be used in any part of the day and at any place or any occasion.

Kinetin lotions work creams in improving photo-aging and premature aging signals with astonishing healing and moisturizing properties. It is however often easier for the skin to absorb lotions than creams because of their lighter texture. They can be applied anytime of the day.  Creams are thicker and their effects on the skin last longer than that of lotions. Go for a Lotion by Kinerase and apply it apply in the daytime and a cream for use in the mornings and evenings for the best effect.

Eye treatment
Eye treatment products are especially for application to the sensitive and thin regions of the eyes. Examples of these products are kinetin eye products such as Intensive Eye Cream by Kinerase and Under Eye Rescue by Kinerase.  These eye treatments are especially made for the treatment of eye puffiness, dark under eye circles and signs of premature aging. Damages from free radicals encountered in our daily lives can be prevented by Vitamin E.

Lip Treatment
By applying kinetin lip treatment twice a day, cracked, chapped and aged lips can made to appear more healthy, energetic and youthful. The kinetin in Lip Treatment by Kinerase protects the lips from harmful environmental factors and prevents the loss of moisture.

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