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by on January 27, 2009

Description of Kinerase products – Do Kinetin & furfuryladenine N6 really have any advantages?

Kinerase skin care line has continually stood out as the leading company in skin care, its products being rated as the best in the markets of anti aging, beauty cream and skin care treatments.  Since it is viewed as a prestigious brand that established itself as the dominant company in the market, what is it behind the Kinerase products that make them so popular? What makes these products so successful? What is it actually that makes them stand out from the other skin care and anti aging treatments in the market and be highly acclaimed in the lists of famous websites and shops?

To begin with, the first difference is that they use one ingredient that other companies don’t: Kinetine or N6 furfuryladenine.  I came to the conclusion that I should take a close look at the confirmed effects of this and see whether this is the extraordinary compound that makes these products outstanding.

What is actually Kinetin?

Kinetin is considered to be a natural growth hormone in plant life. Although it was widely known and analyzed by the pharmaceutical companies, it has just been lately that it was tested on people to determine whether the same beneficial effects would be noted. The recent examinations that were done on this topic confirmed that it slowed the effects of aging and it was soon developed into the Kinerase products that we see nowadays. It can slow the aging of the natural cells and can also stop any damage at the cells level that age prematurely. At the same time, it is known to repair and save the existng cells that are not healthy.

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It has been demonstrated that it is totally safe and there have not been noticed or reported any negative effects neither in clinical evaluations nor in product usage. Moreover, it has a preclusive role, being efficient in reducing fine wrinkles or lines, solving pigmentation skin problems and enhancing the appearance of blotchy areas.

Kinetin has been introduced in the market by the ICN Company under the name of Kinerase. This was an efficient anti-aging compound that contained this specific ingredient. Similar to this one is Kinetin product manufactured by Osmotics but unlike Kinerase, it provided a more costly and not that widely known treatment using N6 Furfuryladenine. It is good to note that both of them present similarities since they are equally effective and have the same concentration of N6 Furfuryladenine in their composition.

What should one expect of these products and for whom do they work?

If you want to buy one of the products these companies sell that have kinetin as the main ingredient, you should anticipate some changes gradually. You should not expect a substantial immediate change, as some people advocate that it takes just a short period of time to get the desired results in reviews for Kinerase. You should keep using it until you feel satisfied with your appearance as you see the enhancing effects of the product working. The main key to obtain the best results in this case is just perseverance and patience. Also, it is not recommended to turn to other products until you have undergone through the whole process and entirely followed all the indications of the product. Nearly everybody (except those that have perfect skin) would see the benefit impact of Kinerase on  their skin, but it is most likely that the treatment would work best for the ones whose skin aged too early or it is not in a very good condition. In this situation, the repairing and anti-aging functions would be the most effective.

Buyers who have bought the product usually acknowledge that its price is actually reasonable when you take into account its great effects and the overall length of the treatment. Although it seems relatively expensive at first, at a close scrutiny you will realize that presumption is not actually true. Since its container is quite big, it will take a long time until you run out of it ( it would be a good idea to come up with a smaller bottle for people that can’t afford to buy the existing one or for the ones that only want to try it for a shorter period of time). Consequently, it turns out that this product provides a less expensive price for each application than other treatments.

However, this may not be the best option for people who want  only small adjustments or ameliorations just as a nourishing cream applied on a daily basis would be as effective for a person that doesn’t have any skin problems. Therefore, it is useful to keep in mind that if your skin already has a good appearance, it won’t bring the same impressive changes as it does for those that experience skin problems, who can take full advantage of the product’s restorative functions.

Overall, I believe that the medical data and the reviews of customers clearly indicate that  N6 Furfuryladenine is an effective agent for skin care and an essential compound for long lasting anti-aging results. The buyers that purchased the product concluded that they were more than happy with the product, taking into account that it provided great results at a reasonable price and was easy to use. Through all its qualities, Kinerase brand has become one of the elite beauty companies, being the leader in the market for skin care products.

This product is said to bring the maximum effects for people that have moderate skin problems. It is designed for those that are looking for more than the typical treatment and just have basic expectations about improving the condition of their skin. Still, it should not be recommended to people with severe problems or old people over seventy, where satisfactory results may be attained only through plastic surgery. Therefore, the best advice is to talk to a consultant in this field and determine whether the product would be the best option available for you, taking into account your specific type of skin, financial situation or expectations about the product’s effects.

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