Facial exercises for wrinkles treatment

by on January 1, 2012

The concept of working out your face might appear strange but, as thousands of people are discovering, it is the most reliable way to keep or rejuvenate your facial looks. Regardless if you are eighteen or eighty you can look and feel better with facial exercise. There are 16 important groups of muscles that have an effect on how the face looks and these muscles are just like any other muscles in your body. As we grow older they lose tone and volume because the normal range of exercise that they perform in day to day life, like eating, smiling and facial expression is not enough to keep them from going down hill.

Simple toning exercises will help firm the contours of the face and protect against or reduce the visible signs of aging that definitely take their toll as the years pass by. Another advantage of exercising the facial muscles is better skin quality. Exercise induces blood flow in the muscles and surrounding tissues, so the skin is provided with a better supply of regenerating blood. See how your face glows with vitality after only a couple of minutes of exercising. I don’t, however, want you to have the proven fact that doing exercises with the face should be done aggressively or with great force. The facial muscles are not designed to work in that way. Just perform the techniques exactly as described and you will get most benefit. For the type of muscle toning we are aiming for there is no need to overwork the muscles – more is not necessarily better for this type of exercise.


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The occipitofrontalis or forehead muscle is a thin sheet of muscle lying across the forehead. This muscle allows us to raise our eyebrows but also supports the muscles around the eyes. The forehead muscle helps to create an elegant arch of the eyebrows preventing drooping of the skin over the eyes. After the age of 25, forehead lines start to etch more deeply into the skin. This is caused partly by the movement of the forehead muscle creasing the skin and partly by the skin becoming less elastic. A dire surgical approach is to get a cosmetic surgeon to inject a drug to “freeze” the forehead muscle, but this ages the muscle even further, leading to drooping skin over the eyes, at which point the surgeon would probably suggest cutting away some flesh to correct it ….and so on.

Try this technique to tone the forehead muscle without wrinkling the skin.

Place fingers of both hands flat against the forehead, index finger in the hair line, little finger against the brows. Press firmly against the bone, gently pulling the skin upwards and out . Now slowly move your brows down and close your eyes without frowning. Hold for a count of five, relax and repeat five times. Do this once a day.

A well toned forehead muscle will help to resist lines and aging of the forehead because the need to consciously raise the eyebrows is removed. Thus there is a net reduction in the frequency of skin folding on the forehead, which means fewer wrinkles.

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The eyes are the center of muscle activity in the face and are surrounded by a layer of muscle, the orbicularis occuli that contracts inwards to close and protect them. These eye muscles can become flaccid, allowing the skin around the eyes to droop, so the eyes appear slit-like. Use this exercise to give emphasis to the lids and stimulate the tiny muscles that open the lids wide so your eyes will look bigger and more defined.

Place your index fingers under the brow bones.
Press gently and upwards , to provide resistance as you slowly close your lids tight .
Hold for ten seconds , relax and repeat five times.
Do this once a day

The development of the eye muscles influences the way that most of the other facial muscles interact to produce facial expressions.

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The muscle surrounding the lips is called the orbicularis oris. This muscle is a circular band of muscle similar to that surrounding the eyes. It allows us to close the lips together and also push them outwards as when pursing the lips to kiss. Good tone in this muscle will help to prevent the typical downward turning and thinning of the lips that tends to happen as we age Use this quick and simple exercise to tone the lips.

- Place the tip of one finger between your lips.
- Press your lips together but don’t pout; keep the top lip smooth.
- Now remove your finger, but push down with your top lip as if it were still there.
- Hold this tension for ten seconds, then relax. Repeat five times.

Do this once a day to keep the skin around the lips smooth and free of wrinkles.

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