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by on January 26, 2009

Here is what this product is said to do: as one can read from their website -

There has been evidence that the product can change improve  fine  wrinkles, making the face look radiant and firm. It claims to reduce them by 37 % in two weeks, 150 % in four weeks and even 512 percent just after three months.  Dermavisu products are only based on natural pharmaceutical ingredients of the highest quality. The list of ingredients includes dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE as it is often called, Jojoba, Snap-8, Franckinscense, SYN-COL L and Hydronium 55.

Dermavisu is regarded as a very good anti-aging treatment. Besides, this is one of the first that uses both Snap-8 and Hydronium 55 and also contains special ingredients known as wrinkle fighters.  Some users that have bought the product said they were content with the results.

However, before purchasing Dermavisu you should take into account that there is not much evidence about how effective it is, not to mention that we were a little bit skeptical its ability to reduce wrinkles by 512% in just three months.  Doesn’t 100% mean that all wrinkles have been completely eliminated? Then what do they mean when they say that it reduces the wrinkles by 512%? If you are thinking to buy Dermavisu just take a look before at the other treatments for wrinkles that can give you substantial results.

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Is Dermavisu an aternative to Botox

This is actually a facial serum that says to bring the same effects as Botox does. The skin treatment promises to improve the condition of wrinkles, fine lines, frowning lines and crow’s feet. Because Dermavisu can go deep in the skin it can provide long lasting results by solving the problems from the inside to the outside. If it is regularly used, it is believed that you will have a better complexion and look younger and moreover the effects will be long lasting.

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Whereas most of the anti-aging treatments or facial serums employ just one active compound in their products, Dermavisu contains several. These are water Hydra-55 H3O that allows the nutrients to go deep in the skin and Snap-8 which is an octapeptide with an anti-wrinkle effect.  This component makes the face muscles contract to solve the deep wrinkle issues.  Another major element is synthetic peptide (SYN –COLL) that helps with stimulating the collagen.  Furthermore, this skin care treatment does not contain any perfume essences, oils or parabens . The Dermavisu website also mentions that this magical serum generates a 37 percent decrease in the number of wrinkles after the first two weeks. Even though the regular price of the product is $249, they have a discounted offer of $125.

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It is very convenient that Dermavisu wrinkle treatment products can be bought online and the brand gives a discounted price which is approximately half of the normal price.  What is more, this treatment has a deep moisturizing effect and collagen replenishment and buyers interested in the product can find the entire list of ingredients online.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t any actual medical proof about its effectiveness.  Not enough information is provided either about the time when Dermavisu was designed or by whom and we don’t know if the dermatologists approve it.  Another problem is that the company does not provide full money back guarantee and despite the discounted price, the product can still be regarded as too expensive for some after a while (125$ – 249$). Also, because Dermavisu usage can lead to sun sensitivity, it is recommended to use it along with a good sunscreen since it may become irritating for the skin of some users.

Overall, it is clear that this brand is one of the several skin care companies that offer anti-aging products. Although they claim that it brings positive changes, you can’t know if there will be extraordinary results. While it is useful that they put the list of constituents on the website, it would be more encouraging if they said more about medical research or dermatological studies about this product. Finally it would be useful if there was a money back policy that would assure buyers that they purchase a product for which its creators guarantee 100%.


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