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by on January 26, 2009

The DDF products for wrinkle relaxation represents a combination of different things and it includes a mixture of peptides for anti aging in order to prevent you from having fine lines on the face when you are doing certain movements with the face like smiling. The appearance of the wrinkles on your face thus reduces and you will also be able to fortify the cells in that area so that they can keep producing the necessary ingredients, called collagen and elastin for the good functioning of the skin.

The results could be seen only after two weeks. The ingredients inside the product include the palmotoyl pentapeptide, which can reduce the loss of collage, the acetyl hexapeptide, which can decrease how the wrinkles will look on your face and it will also make that fade away more quickly and last, the sodium hyaluronate, which is an ingredient capable of water binding and thus, it has properties for the deep hydration of the skin.

You might want to massage muscles points and then apply thin layers of cream on the face, and this should be done two times a day. Then the results will start showing after a fortnight or so. The fine lines will be reduced, the wrinkles will fade away somewhere between forty five to sixty days and the cream will be able to give excellent results along the eye area and the forehead. Afterwards, you can continue with the product until you are perfectly happy with it.

The DDF product is manufactured by the Dermatologic Formula company, which  was initially created in 1991 by a dermatologist and surgeon in cosmetics hailing from New York, called Dr Sobel. The company produces products for the treatment of skin but it also creates products helping with skin treatments and the products for the people with sensitive skin. The products are sold on a stream of network chains and stores across the country and the customers include the famous Sephora. The quality that these products have come with a price, nonetheless. The thing is that the Wrinkle Relax treatment requires eighty two dollars for a quantity of five ounces of cream and thus, the price can be a little too expensive for many pockets. The customer testimonials are once again, not found on website and the policies in the case of returns for the products are not that clear either.

The wrinkle relax cream from the DDF is said to make softer the deep lines on the face and reduce the effect of age on individuals and thus, you can look several years younger by using this prodcuts. Moreover, the transformation would be complete by using the complete process of hydration by using all the products in the area.

Details on the product

The ingredients list can be found on the website of the company and thus, you can check beforehand the ingredients and make a decision whether you should buy the product or not. The thing is that if you have allergies to some things, then it is best to check before that. Once you have perused through the list, then you can look over and consider more carefully what to do. To help with the battle against aging, you might want to look over the acetyl hexapeptie and the hyaluronate for soidum. The hexapeptide is also recognized in the industry under the name of argireline while  the  substance is known for the ability to make the muscles of the face relax and thus, your fine lines are fading away and the wrinkles will not be seen that much. The hyaluronate for the sodium, which is an acid can also help as a hydrator for the skin.

The Wrinkle relax products from the DDF company also has Shea butter inside of it, and this can effectively moisturize the face in a way to make it look younger. The product also contains phosphate  and some vitamin C, which are essential ingredients to ensure that your face will look younger. The combination of these two will ensure that the ingredients will enable you to look youthful and thus you will diminish the impression of having too many wrinkles as well as fine lines on your face.

The advantages for the product include the fact that it contains several key ingredients such as the argireline and the hyaluronic acid; some other ingredients that are equally important are the Shea butter, the phosphate for ascorbyl which make the product more effective.

The disadvantages for the product is that you cannot find feedback on the product on  website and thus, some customers might not want to buy it. Also, the product is a little expensive for most pockets. One more thing would be that the policies in the case of returns can be a little complicated and you might want to do some research about this in advance.

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