Collagen skin creams- The Shocking Secret about Collagen skin cream products and Face Creams

by on March 7, 2009

We are often advised to use collagen skin creams or facial collagen creams, but they seldom achieve the kind of results that they are supposed to achieve. There is no scientific basis for the use of collagen creams on the face and body to achieve any kind of results.

The reason why collagen facial cream are always increasing in popularity is that the well known collagen injections tend to stretch out wrinkles and puff up the lips. If you want to go through this procedure, then find out the risks involved, as explained below.

The problem that is most frequently encountered is prolonged redness which is the result of an allergic reaction. Before carrying out the operation doctors conduct a patch test to make sure that the reaction will not occur. Collagen creams can also cause redness, and before applying any cream to all your face, it will be advisable to test it on an inconspicuous patch of skin. This will however require quite a long time for testing because redness caused by this product may not show up for several weeks.

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Creams containing collagen won’t work

But all this trouble is not worth going through; because collagen creams simply do not work. The results that people see, is caused by some other ingredients in the product, because collagen cannot be absorbed by the layers of the skin. The four or five layers of the skin surface known as the epidermis does not contain any collagen. The main tissue in these layers is keratin.

Daughter cells are produces in the basal layer, which are about five layers down the epidermis. These cells then rise to the surface. Due to the absence of blood vessels in the epidermis their shapes and the compositions of the cells get altered as they die. Keratin gets inserted and they eventually get to the outermost layer where they fall off. All of this takes about 27 days, which means that you get a new set of skin cells on your skin surface every month.

This process is no way affected by collagen facial creams, but there are other ways out. Instead of collagen creams you can try finding creams with bio-active keratin.

There are some few new techniques that are aimed are creating a better collagen cream. Some companies have introduced a partially hydrolyzed collagen. This involves breaking down the collagen into smaller fragment which can be absorbed through the skin. The problem with this technology is that although the collagen fragments may be small enough to penetrate the skin, they cannot effectively be integrated into the skin’s collagen framework due to their smaller sizes. They will be easily washed out of the skin through lymphatic flow. There are also a few companies that present products that are supposed to deliver full sized collagen deep into the skin through a topical application. This is a fantastic claim but is not yet supported by any substantial evidence. Even if this claim is true, successful transdermal delivery of full-size collagen may not be able to integrate well into the skin matrix to make them substantially stronger and more regular.
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Bio Active Keratin

This form of the protein was extracted from sheep’s wool with well certified procedures. Although it is normally not water soluble the company succeeded has succeeded in making it water soluble without making it inactive.

The above cell rejuvenation process can be achieved when the skin’s cells pick up and use keratin.

Clinical studies have proven that lotions with bio-active keratin promote the production of new cells.

This leads to an improvement in the turn-over rate, which usually slows down as you grow older.

No clinical trial has ever proved that collagen facial creams are able produce any results. There is no indication that that collagen creams can produce any results.  You will need something more effective than a collagen facial cream if you desire to reverse or slow down the signs.

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Collagen products for wrinkles – Finding the Best Collagen Products

Collagen products are increasingly popular to remove wrinkles and also for delaying appearance of wrinkles with age. Finding the Best Collagen Products is not tough. The growing demand for anti-wrinkle products has been met with an improvement in the quality of products that are being offered. Formerly the only anti-wrinkle creams that you could find were the highly promoted creams and ointments that did not produce any results. But now investigations by researchers have identified collagen as the main factor in the appearance of wrinkles and revelation has triggered a number of treatment that give some good results in the anti-aging struggle.

Collagen is a natural protein that is present in the skin, bones, and tendons. Collagen is the main ingredient for the maintenance of strength and elasticity. The collagen however breaks down and gets depleted as the aging goes on. This causes wrinkles and sagging of the skin. If you follow collagen therapy, you can check the impact that aging has on the skin. Below is an overview of some of the best options.

There are many collagen treatments on the market, and out of this collagen injection is the most publicized in the media because it is associated with actors and models. Injectable collagen was designed for the treatment of wrinkles and minor skin depressions. This is a very costly method of providing collagen to the skin, with an average cost of $350 per treatment. Collagen injections often produce an immediate response, but the process causes pain and swelling, which is a major disincentive for most consumers. Moreover the results of this treatment only lasts for a short time, and one has to incur more cost to repeat the treatment over and over again.

Another medium of collagen treatment is the use of partial protein creams. Most of these products are available at retail skin care shops. These treatments are advertised as different way of achieving the same results as in the collagen injections. The purpose of this treatment is to directly transport collagen to the problem area through the skin. However, unlike other therapies, these products are not able to transport the whole molecules but only part of collagen proteins. This leads to the achievement of only an irregular and in short-lives result.

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How to increase collagen production naturally

Great post on how to increase collagen production naturally. This article explains in detail about the collagen supplements, amino acids and collagen etc.

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