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CHEMICAL PEELS deal with many skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, age spots and even cancer. The purpose of chemical peel is to remove damaged or blemished skin due to acne, sun exposure, freckles, wrinkles & other sings of aging. A caustic acid is applied directly to the skin which burns epidermis or outer layer of skin. This removal signals the skin to produce a brand new layer. Some peels go deeper to dermis or inner surface of skin. When the skin heals it becomes tighter and look younger because of new layer and increased amount of collagen production.

Face peels can be divided in four basic groups

I. AH or ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS- These are mildest peels and are sugar derived. They have names like malic, fruit acids lactic and glycolic acids. They also are nicknamed ‘Lunch time peel’ and are done on outpatient basis. Usually on esthetician on dermatologist performs the treatment and is found effective on sumspots, skin pigmentation problems, acne & light sun damage.

II. BHA or BETAHYDROXY ACIDS-: They are oil soluble and are therefore more effective for cleaning skin, removing bacteria and dead skin cells. They are effective for treating dermatitis provisos, acne and other skin inflammation caused by bacteria.

III. TCA or TRICHLOROACETIC ACID: This is a medium depth peel and is more effective and lasting than the first two. It is used for all stages of acne, freckles, bad scars, sun damage, signs of aging and also for lightening tattoos. It may take a couple of weeks to heel depending on its depth.

IV. PHENOL PEELS: This is the deepest skin peel which can reach deep into lower levels of skin. It is deepest & harshest of all peels. Taking a long heal time and can cause arrhythmias of the heart. It is rarely used on safety grounds.


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