Can Nutrition wipe out wrinkles and check skin aging

by on October 14, 2008

CHANGE IN nutrition can not completely stop skin aging or wrinkles but nourishment though health food, vitamins, minerals & amino acids can certainly make cells and skin healthy and well nourished. It may be remembered that no expensive skin cream with a bunch of scientific sounding names of ingredients can ensure proper skin nutrition. As compared to them the food items absorbed in blood stream are more reliable to strengthen skin cells. Nutrition has same effect on mechanism of aging of human body including the skin.

But it is also true that aging is a natural part of human physiology and is also caused by environmental damage from sun, wind and pollution. Proper nutrition may slow down physiological aging process but for reducing external damage one has to limit sun exposure and use proper (UVA+UVB) sunblocks and other measures.

Here a word of caution is necessary. It is unsafe to try to get high active ingredients in skin through oral intake such as electrophoresis or same other special medical technique. Excessive high doses of vitamin C may cause severe adverse reactions specially on kidneys. Similarly oral nutrients or their supplements manufactured poorly can harm persons having digestive problems such as hypo-acidity.

Conclusion: Balanced food is important for maintaining healthy skin. Deficiency of vitamin A-B complex and essential fatty acids may cause damage to skin and impair this ability to heal and renew itself. Improving nutrition often results in younger looking skin & reversal of some signs of ageing. On the other hand cutting edge skin rejuvenation treatments are likely to be less effective or even completely fail if skin is deficient in essential nutrients.

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