ATHENA 7 MINUTE LIFT – What it is?

by on September 17, 2008

Two hundred thousand jars of this marvelous product was sold in the very first week of appearance in US markets. Magazines, T.V. shows like Good morning America and Dr. Eri Kaplains book hail this product as an alternative to Botox injections and cosmetic surgery to fight wrinkles.

Presently millions of customers are rushing to it and the claim is 80% of the wrinkles are reduced in mere 7 minutes by using this product.

It contains a dozen organically botanical oils having effective skin care properties known by greeks many centuries ago. Out of them orange peel oil, olive fruit oil and avocado oil form part of staple diet of Mediterranean areas and possess immense antioxidant values.

A brief description of same botanical oils & other components of the product is given below.

Organic orange peel oil.

It softens the skin and through anti-agin effects of vitamin C cures damage caused by sun exposure and body’s own processes. It smoothens the skin and has a lovely citrus scent smell in Athena 7 Minute lift cream.

Organic Olive Fruit oil.

This oil has amazing health benefits and contains healthy fats and antioxidants including flavonoids. Ancient greeks regarded it a sacred substance and an effective healer. It protects skin from radicals and serves as a moisture barrier and keeps the skin hydrated. In its properties it is just like lemon and orange peel oil. Being soluble in water olive fruits oil is aborbed in skin’s deeper layers and does not block the pores.

Organic Avocado oil

This is added in Athena cream as a collagen production stimulator. Collagen is found under the surface of skin and keeps the skin resilient and form. A research study conducted in Israel in 1991 showed that organic avocado oil improved the skin’s production of water soluble collagen.

It is highly absorbable and helps in softening & rehydrating the skin. It is packed with all sorts of nutrients, vitamins A, B & E and lecithin and eliminates age spots and has got good anti aging effects.

Thus it is evident that Athena 7 minute lift is an effective antiaging cream because of these active agents. With 7 minutes of its use you will look 15 years younger and fresh. Thanks to the botanical and other selective ingredients.

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