Anti-aging products – Best Five Ingredients in Anti-Aging Products

by on March 6, 2009

Best Five Ingredients in Anti-Aging Products

Recently, a lot of new products have been introduced into the market and has affected the ability of men and women to improve their skin. Below is an overview of five of the companies that are producing products which are affecting the anti-aging skin care industry.

Idebenone- True Products

The True-Product line of anti-aging skincare products includes Idebenone, which is a super antioxidant. It makes the skin smoother appearance and gives it a brighter appearance, and it also helps to fights free radicals that pose a threat to the skin. Idebone is very similar to Co-Enzyme Q10, which is another super antioxidant. It is also similar to the depigmenting agent, hydroquinone. Both substances are however less effective than the two other substances. Idebone is new in the struggle against the aging process.

No side effects have been identified with the use Idebone and it makes the skin look smooth and even. It does not have many retinoids and hydroxyl acids which have a disturbing effect. It gives the skin a younger more beautiful appearance. It removes fine lines, makes the ski pigments more uniform and reduces skin inflammation.

Vitamin C- Cellex-C

Cellex-C is one of the first companies to apply vitamin C in an effort to slow the aging process. It has a range of highly effective vitamin C products on the market, but is most popular for its High Potency Serum. This serum is a lightweight product which oil-free and contains all the best ingredients in Cellex-C technology. It makes the skin look firm, elastic and youthful once again. A consistent use of this product can make you look five to ten years younger.

Vitamin C in the Cellex-C product line is designed for daily application and is good for all types of skin. The only exception is skin that is very sensitive. The best areas to apply the Cellex-C serum are the parts of the face that are most susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles, sagginess and age spots. It functions as the best anti-aging skin care project because of the vitamin C which quickly plumps up collagen in the skin.


Neocutis has brought a new revolution into the anti-aging skincare industry with a product known as Processed Skin Cell Proteins (PSP). PSP is a natural ingredient for the skin obtained from cultured skin cells. It is a product developed in Switzerland. PSP works in a similar way to the body’s own mechanism of renewing and rebuilding itself. PSP by Neocutis improve the activity of the cells’ mitochondria, and this causes the older cells to behave as though they were younger. This leads to revitalization and nourishment of the old cells and those that have damaged by exposure to the sun. Daily application of PSP gives the skin a better tone and texture. It also reduces the number of fine lines and wrinkles, helps to eliminate signs of sun damage and gives the skin a younger and brighter.

Kinetin- Kinerase

Kinetin, a plant growth regulator, proves to have a great potential of being effective in the anti- aging struggle. It has also been proved to be effective in the treatment of acne and rosacea which occur in the face and neck.

The brand names Kinetin and Kinerase both sell furfuryladenine in anti-aging skincare products. This is a useful ingredient for the revitalization of the skin, and the removal of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging without causing any skin irritation. Kinetin and Kinerase are known to be the “non irritating alternative to Retin A”.

Vitamin A- Avene

The concern of the Avene brand is to come out with products which can soothe and heal the skin. It is a company that started operating in 1993 and combines hydrotherapy and dermatology. In order to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, nose and cheeks they have added vitamin A to their anti-aging skin care line. This product gives the sin a more youthful appearance, without causing skin irritation and worries.

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